Less paperwork, smarter management
Without financial burdens
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That suits your school needs & resources

While you are busy with daily management tasks & resolve problems, COLNN will be your consultant & co-manager that carries “upgrading your school” mission, COLNN will provide you with professional team specialized in different development aspects in parallel with a complete school management software, both consultant team & management software will help you to analyze your internal management process, available resources and prioritize your school needs in order to develop the perfect development plan that will not create neither technical or financial burdens on you.

Analyze & Develop

Management software worth nothing if it doesn’t fit your school resources and needs. In COLNN we provide your school with more than 12 software modules used to manage all departments & activities, but in parallel we provide a consultant team dedicated to study your circumstances, analyze school resources and members’ needs “whether staff, students or parents”, aiming to figure out school strengths and weaknesses in order to come up with the development plan that perfectly fits your school.

Apply & Customize

A nonstop training and follow up process to your staff, students and parents will be taken all over the year, helping them to get maximum benefits of newly updated learning process, while your school members enjoy benefits of updated school services, COLNN team will continue monitoring and analyzing their daily activities, each department workflow and students’ and parents’ needs, hold up live meetings with each group to find out their suggestions & complains, making your service more suitable for them.

Develop without burdens

Not only we run school development process without neither technical nor financial burdens, but we go far to use such process to increase school revenue, it’s not about money as far as providing a new financial resource to develop school services, the amazing part comes when we customize each development plan to increase school revenue without creating a financial burden on parents, making it a win-win cycle for all
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Strategy to upgrade your school

Have a consultant team, not just a bundle of software

A lot of schools applied smart management solutions, nevertheless no big change detected. Management software means nothing without proper strategy that puts in consideration school circumstances, goals and educational process partners. In COLNN we provide you with a team of experts that analyze your school resources, work cycle and clients’ needs, in order to customize 12 management modules of COLNN system to ensure gaining maximum benefits of applied software, highlight strengths and improve weaknesses.

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School management

Manage all Dept. via one system

Learning process

Make it easy, smart & productive

Documentary cycle

Less efforts, precise reports

Financial improvement

Increase revenue, decrease expenses

Updates & Security

One way data encryption

How we build a skillful persona ?

Does your student capable of using valuable contents her/his school offers? To which extent your child is professional in dealing with online contents?
Whatever the quality of available contents, whatever the educational system or stage your children in, whatever the career path they go for, with a proper plan and step by step, it’s our job to armed your child with skills to deal with online contents and related smart tools.

  • Manage duties & daily tasks online

    • Every student has an online account that enables her/him to manage his schedule & duties like timetable, events, related school announcements, attendance, homework & online quizzes.
    • Notifications will be sent automatically to student account and e-mail box, alerts for important notes & reminder for important or delayed duties.

  • Homework & online quizzes

    • Notify student about daily assigned homework and related activities
    • Submit homework online & get your evaluation or comments from responsible teacher
    • Get a well-organized online quizzes with different forms e.g. MCQs, true or false…etc, self-assessment which enable student to check his level periodically & trained for the final exams .

  • Digital library

    • Provide school with a public digital library that contains official PDF books and other files added from its staff.
    • In order to motivate & train students to deal with online notes & e-books and search for information everywhere, we provide everyone with an own library to store files & e-books, either from school library or from other outsources

  • Entertainment & skills development

    Contents updated periodically, information sources changed every day, what really matters is student’s skills, capability of get the right data, how to analyze it and get the proper strategic decision, that’s why we allocate part of our budget & time – in collaboration with school – to invest in both live and online activities which develop students skills and learning achievements.

  • Evaluation & Feedback

    We believe that learning is a partnership process between school, student and parents, that why we provide them with strong, fast, multi- channels of communication, we are keen to make it suitable for everyone whatever the technology they use, how busy they are or educational level they have.

Parents, no success without you

Do you really monitor your children progress?

Wherever you are, whatever you do, stay connected to your child, communicate with teachers get notifications instantly and follow-up school activities without onerous technical or financial burdens

Better connection to school

Every parent will have an online account connected with school system via multi-communication channels, parents will get instant notifications online or via mobile messages about recent updates and announcements, follow-up school activities over website or Facebook page, easily communicate with school admin about inquiries or complains.

Monitor your child progress

Your account is connected to your child(ren) account(s), get daily updates about assigned homework & available quizzes, monitor their progress, follow-up their behavior evaluations, communicate with their teachers about feedbacks you received, get their results on your mobile phone, save time, save efforts but ensure strong communication.

Less burdens, more benifits

Being instantly connected to your child and school is not a luxury service anymore, don’t waste time and efforts waiting for evaluations paper notes or going to school to deliver your inquires, it’s all now online, and this’s not all, services are updated periodically depending on your feedback to us, we believe that you are the one who make the success of the whole cycle.

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